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At K9 Development we provide the highest quality in training-based boarding and daycare. Our goal is to create the most sound and mentally balanced environment for our K9 guests.  All of our K9 guests receive highly personalized care and training 24/7.  Our K9 guests are carefully monitored and constantly reviewed so that adjustments can be made to enhance their overall Training or Boarding & Daycare experience.  Our programs are individually tailored to meet each dog’s specific needs, while at the same time ensuring the needs of the pack (as a whole) are being fulfilled.  We teach our K9 guests to have proper manners and social behavior. We want our K9 guests to be able to enjoy their visit in a stable balanced environment.  We are dedicated to enhancing the human-dog relationship based on mutual trust and respect. We are professional dog trainers that have applied our skills toward creating the perfect Boarding & Daycare environment. We do not only have a combined 50+ years of hands on experience but have studied and trained under some of the world's leading authorities on training and behavior.  If you are looking for a place that can maintain or even improve your dogs’ manners, social skills and self-confidence, a place that provides appropriate exercise, environmental enrichment; and focuses on your dogs’ state of mind and much more, then we may be just the place for you!


Training Based Boarding and Daycare
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Our K9 guests have more privileges then most, due to our training based boarding and daycare, and our high standard of maintaining the system.

In short:
good choices are rewarded, bad choices are corrected.  and a stable environment is created
for everyone!

Safety is our highest priority, and we strive to create the safest environment for everyone.

Dogs that already have good social skills, self-confidence, and manners can enjoy their stay knowing that other dogs are not going to harass, bully, or be inappropriate with them. Owners can return knowing their dogs are not coming home with learned bad habits.

Our facility is climate controlled, so the temperature is always just right.  We have central heat and air conditioning, as well as radiant floors.  All of our K9 guests are provided with Kuranda© dog beds for that extra touch of comfort.

Close your eyes. Do you hear that?  We run a quiet facility where our dogs are taught what is appropriate to vocalize about or react to and what is not.  We pride ourselves in our quiet, tranquil environment. Our K9 guests appreciate it too!


We provide an assortment of environmental enrichment opportunities.  Whether it's agility obstacles (tunnels, ramps, kiddie pools, etc.), seasonal livestock exposure, varied sound exposure, costumes, treat games, ball, and water play; we constantly strive to change up and build on socialization experiences in order to help your dog be the best that it can be.

All of our games can be done as a group due to our training of proper social interactions. All the dogs can eat and play ball together as a group. Learning not to be food or toy possessive, and to respect others.

All of our dogs are taught to work for reinforcement. For some it is as simple as moving two steps in a desired direction. More advanced boarding dogs are taught to sit, wait, look at the handler, and wait calmly for a release command before a meal.  Every dog is at a different level of development and is constantly being assessed and trained by canine professionals.  Our goal is to use sound behavioral based methodology to help your dog be the best they can be every moment they are under our professional care.

We take all breeds and types!
Because we are trainers, a Training Based Boarding & Daycare facility, and our staff is educated in proper handling of extreme dogs (be it working dogs, problem dogs, or aggressive dogs) we can safely handle and work with all types of canines.

Intact dogs are welcome and are allowed to participate in playgroups when eligible.

We specialize in aggression and anxiety-based problems. Our dogs do not leave with more bad habits, but with better habits instead.

We offer training of all types, from simple manners and obedience to more advanced problems or goals.  If you have a want, odds are we can show you a way!

As working dog handlers, we greatly respect your training program, and do not want to interfere or conflict with your work. With working dogs, we ask that you give clear instruction on what you require for your specific boarding needs.  We pride ourselves in being a provider of boarding for several Law Enforcement agencies, Wheelchair Assistance handlers, Search and Rescue Teams from across the state, and a multitude of sport dog handlers.

We do a lot of rewards for good behavior, but we also correct inappropriate behavior to maintain a peaceful balanced environment. We are one of the few facilities that corrects inappropriate behavior.


  • Our kennels are designed for handling and working with aggressive, anxious, or escape artist dogs.
  • We have an open kennel format, to decrease stress, and improve on social skills.
  • Our kennels are the largest kennels in the area (almost 100 sq. ft. each).
  • Our kennels are made of 6-gauge welded mesh wire, with a traditional design
    of indoor/outdoor.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning for climate control.
  • Each Kennel has radiant floors.
  • Each Kennel has a Kuranda© cot, with a dog bed.
    We have 24/7 monitoring of the environment for safety and training purposes

Boarding & Daycare with Manners is how we keep such a structured environment. All of our standard boarding & daycare dogs learn:
  • Appropriate and inappropriate times to bark or show aggression.
  • Proper greeting manners with people and dogs.
  • Sit, wait and look to handler for their food.
  • Wait (calmly) at doorways, kennels and crates.
  • How to walk calmly on a loose leash from kennel to the interaction yards.
  • To come when called during playgroups, and name recognition.
  • How to handle life events.
  • How to work through stress or conflict.
  • And much more.............

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Welcome to K9 Development.  We are a full service dog training business located in Tracy, California.  We were established in 1989 and have been successfully helping dog owners ever since.   Our primary objective and basic philosophy is to help owners maintain a balanced relationship with their dog. We can help you in every step you take from training your current dog to choosing a new companion.   We can help you train them to be responsible members of their families, and solve the inevitable problems that happen in any relationship.  We use a wide variety of methods and are very good at working with the client’s individual needs.  From Basic Obedience (loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, basic manors, relationship building and problem solving) to Top level Performance ( AKC obedience, Tracking, Schutzhund, and Conformation) or Working Dogs ( Police K9s, Personal Protection, Search and Rescue, Service Dogs, and Hunting Dogs).  We have been established in the industry of dog training for the better part of 25 years so If We cannot do it then odds are we are in contact with someone who can.  K9 Development offers a wide selection of canine related services from Professional Pet boarding to K9 Swim Lessons.  If you have a want let K9 Development help show you the way.
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