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We are proud to announce our "M" litter Fields Haus

Falk von Golan Hoehen
Izzy Vom Fields Haus

Falk is a German import and was exactly what we were looking for to add to our breeding program. He is a medium sized male (our goal is not to produce giant Rottweilers, but medium sized solid working dogs) and is V-1 rated (Vorzuglich, or “excellent”) a show rating given at German style shows. Falk passed his ZTP (“Zuchttauglichkeitsprufung” or in English a breed suitability test). This test ensures that the dog is suitable for breeding. The test checks the dogs’ conformation and must be found free of any disqualifying faults, and their hips must be ratted at least normal. Once the conformation is found correct, then there is a series of tests to evaluate the dogs’ temperament. These tests consist of “gun sureness” the dog must not react to gunfire. There is a protection test where the dog must engage a man. Falks’ grips, guide ability, ability to handle stress, and his blind search and hold and bark were all in the very good category. The other aspect of the dog that is tested in the ZTP is the dogs stability around the public. Falk also has his BH ( Begleithunde, or basic companion dog). A dog must have this certification prior to going on to earn Schutzhund titles. It is a combination of obedience (both on and off leash) and temperament test. Falk has his AD (Aus dauerprufing, or endurence test). For the AD the dog must run 12 miles at 6-10 miles per hour. This is to help prove that the dog has the correct structure and endurance to be considered for a breeding program. Falk also has his Schutzhund 2 (protection dog level 2) or what is referred to today as IPO ( International Auditing rules, or International exam rules) This dog sport was (is) used as a gauge to determine a dog worthiness for breeding. It tests the dogs stamina and endurance, agility, tempermant, nerves, courage, intelligence, handler loyality and desire to work. Ok, enough of the dog title lessons. We really liked Falk and felt he lined up well with Izzy. We loved his type, drive and size.

Izzy is a medium sized female with OFA “good” hips and“normal” elbows. Izzy has her CGC (canine good citizen) and is currently training for invasive bug detection. Unfortunitly due to the owners life style and time allowance Izzy is not Schutzhund titled. Normally we would not consider breeding such a dog, but as we have lots of firsthand experience training with this female we were egger to have a litter of puppies out of this outstanding female. Izzy has pronounced prey drive, with good fight. She brings big full calm grips. She has excellent food drive and is very bitable. Izzy is great with people (she is a social animal), yet brings a natural hardness of character and confidence. She is the type of dog we love to work with here at K9 development and I would love to have her as my own! We love Izzy’s type (her look) and she is exactly the type of Rottweiler we are striving to produce. Izzy is not only an excellent working dog, but is great a family pet.

Our litter expectations are medium sized working dogs with pronounced drives and good health. It is important while we want to breed a correct dog we are in no means breeding to produce show dogs. As dog trainers we love and want to produce solid working animals, that are versital enough to fit in a varirity of roles. I think we will achieve our breeding goals with this litter. We are so excited about this breeding that we will be keeping a female for ourselves! The breeding is a outcross, we did this for health reasons. As a fan of line breeding it becomes desirable to go outside of your lines for genetic diversity. The only common lines in this pedigree are Int/Dt. VDH-CH, O-BJS ’93 Matcho von Burgthann SCH3, FH3, AD, BH, Gek and Hero Von Hohegeiss Sch3, AD, BH, Gek. So it’s a 5-5 line on these two famous Rottweilers. The problem is this far back in the pedigree we are probably talking about these dog influencing three hairs on the pups tails! Again the goal was a outcross for diversity reasons, but one can’t help but to mention those great dogs of Rottweiler histories past.

The “M” litter was born on March 27th. It would be a litter of 5, 3 females and 2 males.
As we’ve come to expect in our breed program Izzy was an excellent mother, and was very accepting of us and our monkey ways. When the pups hit the ground it was clearing the lungs, massage, checking vitality, tagging (color collars to identify each individual pup) weigh ins, and getting the pups on a nipple. Poor Izzy, just looked at us as if to say “really?”
The first week is mostly about survival. Although it also included more weigh ins, the start of their “supper Puppy program”, first baths and well time to just be a pup and be with mom! The second through fourth week is all about a lot more of the same as week one. It’s eat, sleep, stay warm and have monkeys messing with you. The fourth week is when things start getting exciting. The pups eyes and ears are now open (although they don’t see real well at this point) and they are really starting to interact with each other and their environment. It’s my favorite time. Mom is starting to give the pups more space, and they start to develop into a miniture pack. It’s also when we start to put them on solid food. It’s a pretty cool time for a dog breeder.
It seems as if the pups are just as happy to eat their food off of each other as they are the bowl. We were really happy with our “M” litter and everything just worked out smooth. Below are some shots of the “M” litter at five weeks old.

Blue Male

Yellow Male

Pink Female

Red Female

Green Female

We would have loved to put up more pictures but unfortunitly my camera died and as usual we got caught up with work. At this point all of the “M” litter pups have been placed in homes with the exception of “Red female”. When a litter gets placed into their new homes any leftover pups go into foster homes. This is very important to us and we are blessed with a great circle of fosters. Normally puppies that do not sell are left in the puppy pen to entertain each other or worse they are a single pup in a kennel. This in our opinion kills the proper foundation a pup should have. By placing pups in foster homes they start to build all of the necessary life skills to make it in a world of humans. They get that vital life experience, handling and training.
It seems like just yesterday the “M Litter” hit the ground. Here are the whelps at around week two hanging out with the “Fields Haus Kids”. It is an amazing process to watch and be a part of. They go from little blobs to little personalities in no time at all (sort of like human children). I’ll try to keep this page updated so you can see their progression.
Here is Green female “Mika” at swim lessons. The “M litter” pups are now 13 weeks.
Here is Red female “Meesha” also at 13 weeks. Thankfully this pup is with her foster Julia as I’ am really liking this pup. She has pronounced prey drive and huge food drive. She is very bitable and so far has been really fun to work with. She is going to need a lot of socialization as her nerve could be stronger. You know you take the good with the bad. So there is a chance Meesha may stick around as I think she has the potential to make a smoking working dog. Time will tell.

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