Vom Fields Haus

We are proud to announce our "L" litter Fields Haus

Imo Vom Riegelhaus
Kora Vom Fields Haus

Imo vom Riegelhaus Sch/Vpg 3 IPO 3, AWD1, RA, FH1, AD, BST is a nice dog. His titles and accomplishments stand for themselves. In 2010 he was the USRC (United States Rottweiler Club) South West Regional Schutzhund Champion. Later that year Imo would go on to be the 2010 USRC National Schutzhund Champion. In 2011 he had the distinction of competing at the IFR (International friends of the Rottweiler). This is the Rottweiler Schutzhund World Championships. The top 5 Rottweiler’s from 33 countries compete that year. Imo represented us in Vigoizone, Italy. He did good finishing 10th over all. We liked this about Imo. When he came back to America he represented at the North Western Regional Schutzhund Championships. He was the only Rottweiler competing. Imo took 6th overall. He was 2nd overall in obedience. In another words Imo beat a bunch of German shepherd Dogs in a sport that is dominated by German shepherd Dogs. We like a dog with trainability and Imo has it. They are fun to live with and we believe that a good aptitude in obedience shows a strong ability to do many other things. It is a great trait to have in a dog and one that we are used to having. He is healthy with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) “good” hips, “normal” elbows, and a “Normal” heart. His pedigree matches up well with Koras’. 4 generations back is Pascha von Hegestrauch. A dog who did great things himself, but more importantly had those traits that we dearly love. Those traits being pronounced prey drive, athletic body type and trainability. I associate Hegestrauch dogs with “the gas in the tank”. If you need more drive and trainability just add some “Hegestrauch” to the mix! Imo’s and Kora’s pedigree also goes back to a dog named Brutus von der Hammerschmiede. This dog had a ton of titles, but more importantly he was the Bundesseiger (Working Champion of Champions). Brutus was the number 1 working Rottweiler in all of Germany in 1996. His sister Belinda von der Hammerschmiede is Kora’s Great Grandmother. There is consistency of great blood and we like to see that.

So with Imo we have a dog that has proven himself worthy of reproducing.  Not only has he earned his Schutzhund titles, cleared his health screening, and competed in the biggest working Rottweiler shows both nationally and internationally; but he is well loved and an excellent companion dog to his handler.  Imo is the kind of dog that can go out on the protection field and fight with a helper and then 5 minutes latter hang out with that same bad guy on the side lines.  Imo has the kind of temperament that we are looking for that should help produce solid stable dogs.  Imo enjoys life, people and work.  His obedience is always fun.  Now he doesn't burn up the protection field, but he has met many helpers and done well with them.  He fights like hell and drags helpers down during drives. Patrick Davis (a national caliber helper) says, "You can drive him when he wants to be driven."  Imo is a large dog with a lot of athleticism. He travels well and meets new situations without issue. He was always a hit everywhere the handler took him while competing in Europe. He met hoards of people at all the tourist spots and enjoyed everybody.  Thank you Marlene Fergerson for letting us breed to this excellent Dog.

Kora Vom Fields Haus is a medium sized female and defines the type of female Rottweiler we want to produce. She is on the smaller side (we want to produce a smaller athletic working dog) and has excellent nerves, good drive and trainability. Kora is a certified service dog for facility work and has her canine good citizen (CGC). Kora goes to school with her handler Michelle and is certified to work in that modality. We’re proud of Kora and we really like her temperament. Kora is structurally sound with OFA (orthopedic foundation for animals) “Good” hips and “Normal” elbows. At the current time Kora is in training for invasive bug detection work and is doing a good job.

Our litter expectations are outstanding temperament both for working homes or family pets mixed with good conformation and health. We are expecting medium sized social dogs with good bone substance, and good Rottweiler heads. There should be good drive and trainability. There will be lines going back to Pascha von Hegestrauch SCH3 FH (4-5) and Hammerschmiede. BS 96 Brutus von Hammerschmiede on the fathers side 4 generations back and V1 Belinda von der Hammerschmiede on the mothers side 5 generations back. There are some of the Rottweiler worlds top dogs in this pedigree Arco vom Weidenbruch Sch 3 FH BST (one of my personal favorites) Pascha vom Hegestrauch Sch 3 FH (I love them Hegestrauch dogs, intelligence, trainability, drive) and Int. CH. Ives Eulenspiegel Sch 3, and Dingo V Schwaiger Wappen Sch 3 FH . We feel these two dogs match up well in temperament and health. We are looking forward to this litter! Our puppies will be ready to be placed in their new homes at 8 weeks. Their dew claws will be removed, but their tails will be left natural to comply with the USRC regulations, and to follow suit with what is being done in Germany. Puppies will come with guaranties so please review our contract and litter packets. We are now accepting deposits to secure a puppy from our “L” litter. If you are interested please give us a call at 209-858-5134 as we would love to talk to you more about our pups and our expectations of our puppy owners.

L Litter Update:

We teamed up with our good friend and helper Michelle Roach. It was a typical breeding deal. Michelle supplied the female “Kora Vom Fields Haus” from our K litter. We supplied the experience. We would split the expenses and work and therefore together we would produce a litter of puppies. Well “the best laid plans of mice and men!” The “L litter” Fields Haus” ended up being a litter of 1. You win some and you lose some! It is a good thing our breeding is not motivated by financial gain. Our goal is to produce better dogs, and dogs that we intend to keep around our training circle. We primarily breed for ourselves. Needless to say we did not spend a bunch of time updating the website to show the pups development and progress. We tend to get busy around here and well time to post stuff is limited at best. Unfortunately our website and Face Book page is a reflection of our life style. There are those who do it, and those who have time to write about it. Ok, enough of that, on to the good stuff.

As the only pup in a litter it means lots of extra attention! Luna sucked it all up!
Luna went through our normal progression of dew claw removal, supper puppy program and as many positive early environmental influences we could create. There was even a moment where Michelle considered keeping her. It is very easy to get attached especially when you are only dealing with one pup.
Well all good things must come to an end they say. Here is Michelle and her husband Toney saying goodbye. Luna really became a part of their pack. The good news is here is Luna (the pup in the middle) in her new pack located in Northern California. Live long and be well our little friend!

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