Vom Fields Haus

We are proud to announce our "K" litter Fields Haus

Male Rottweiler
Female Rottweiler
Quincy vom Plotzschgrund
Inca vom Fields Haus
Recue Rottweiler Our female Inca Vom Fields Haus is the accumulation of a 20 year breeding program designed to produce our ideal Rottweiler. Inca is a medium sized female with good bone substance, a nice head type and a muscular build. She has excellent temperament (good with people and other animals, huge prey drive and trainability, with OFA good hips and normal elbows). Inca has a CGC, and is training as a Search and Rescue Dog both in Live Find Area work and Human Remains Detection work.
Male Rottweiler Quincy vom Plotzschgrund is a Pink Papered German import. He was the USRC (United States Rottweiler Club) Regional Sieger (champion of champions) in 2007, and Multi V rated, he was also Mulit –youth Sieger in Germany. He is Schutzhund 1/VPG 1 titled with normal hips and elbows. Quincy has a history of producing off spring that can win in the show ring. We like his pedigree as well as his friendly, outgoing temperament with excellent prey drive!
Two Rottweilers

Our litter expectations are outstanding temperament both for working homes or family pets mixed with good conformation and health. We are expecting medium sized dogs with good bone substance, and strong Rottweiler heads. This will be a line breeding on Arri vom Hertnerwappen SCH3 FH (5-4), Morris Vom Rauchfang) BS 85 (bundessiegerseiger, The German working champion of champions) SCH/VPG 3 FH AD IPO 3 (5-6) and the P litter Hegestrauch (4-4). There are some of the Rottweiler worlds top dogs in this pedigree Arco vom Weidenbruch Sch 3 FH BST (one of my personal favorites) Pascha vom Hegestrauch Sch 3 FH (I love them Hegestrauch dogs, intelligence, trainability, drive) and Int. CH. Ives Eulenspiegel Sch 3, Dingo V Schwaiger Wappen Sch 3 FH to name a few. We feel these two dogs match up well both in temperament and type. 

We are real excited about this litter! Our puppies will be ready to be placed in their new homes at 7 weeks. Their dew claws have been removed, but their tails have been left natural to comply with the new USRC regulations, and to follow suit with what is being done in Germany. Puppies will come with guaranties so please review our contract and litter packets. We are now accepting non refundable deposits to secure a puppy from our K litter. If you are interested please give us a call as we would love to talk to you more about our pups and our expectations of our puppy owners.

Rottweiler and pups

K litter gallery

The K litter was born starting at 10:00 PM on June 8th, 2010. Inca delivered a pup every 20 minutes and there were no complications. For Incas’ first litter she handled delivery like a seasoned professional. All of the puppies were healthy and had great suckling reflexes and rooting tendencies.

Rottweiler and pup
Rottweiler and puppies
Rottweiler and puppies
Rottweiler puppies
Rottweiler puppy


Week 1,

seems like everyone is tired. I’d say there is good reason to be! Puppies are just black and mahogany blobs at this point that seek out milk and warmth. The next few days are all about survival. 

If you’re going to lose a pup this is more than likely when it will happen. You could have what’s called a “Fading Puppy Syndrome” where if something internally is not right they just kind of fade away. Usually mom will push them away. It sounds cruel but dog moms know what they must do. They are hard wired this way. I’m happy to report that all of the pups are doing well at this point.

Over all the pups seem pretty uniformed and push and fight to get on a nipple. Here “Pink” pup ends up finding a spot to get some “one on one” mom time! In a few days after it is determined everyone is healthy it will be time for dew claw removal , then it’s the start of “Puppy Boot Camp” with the “Supper Dog” program. You will notice the floor of the whelp area is different in many of the pictures. We like to change the textile feeling under the pups and we are determined to help mom keep the whelp area clean.

Week 2,

the pups dew claws are long gone now. I’m happy to say it was a very easy process and the pups handled it real well. Still struggling with the tails, but it sure was nice not having to do them. It’s a bit strange for me to look in our whelp box and see little Rottweiler pups with tails. 

During week 2 we hit a hot spell so we decided to put frozen water bottles in the whelp box. The goal was to help keep the pups and mom cool, but also to add some environmental props to their early environmental experiences. 

The “Supper Dog” program has been going for several days now and everyone is doing well. On the whole this has been a real easy litter of puppies. It always amazes me how agile they become so quickly. They are up and scurrying across the whelp box racing for the milk line. 

Red female has a tendency to want to get behind mom and it seems like I’m always pulling her out of trouble! 

Our heads are looking good, but I’m a little worried about “Pink”. It’s too early to tell, but I’m thinking she will end up being a pet. Her head looks a little narrow at this point especially compared to the others. It’s funny, picking puppies is always a “Turkey Shoot” you just do the best job you can, and you bring in other professionals who have experience in accessing the pups. 

You look at temperament and conformation constantly. Latter it’s always cool to see how close your initial assessments were. 

As a breeder you do the best you can, and I must say it is nice when a pet quality dog turns around and fools you (although a bit frustrating). I’d rather see that, than a really nice dog end up doing nothing but being a pet. It’s tough because as a breeder you really want to see your pups out there doing something. Now on that topic I’d much rather see a pup in a excellent pet home, than a miserable working home. Like most things in life it is a matter of perspective!

As you can see the pups have not been affected by the environmental changes we have thrown at them so far. The pups seemed to really like the cool water bottles and had a tendency to snuggle up to them during the warm parts of the day.

Little girl with puppy

Week 3,

wow it always amazes me how quickly pups grow and develop. We have eyes opening (although the world is still fuzzy) they are up and starting to slightly interact with each other. Very slight slow motion mouthing, they are more aware of their environment and of course us! They have come through the “Super Dog” program, are gaining weight and developing well. They have been on several road trips (almost daily) and have nursed in several unfamiliar environments. Due to our consistent involvement if we need to be gone for more than a few hours we load up the whole family and it’s off to experience the world! I’m happy to report Inca has been a rock star and very accepting of all our weirdness! The pups have nursed in a varity of locations including the beach (ahhhhhhhhh dem California dogs!). As we get to the end of the third week, the pups have started their weaning process, and have started their house breaking program. Amy is a very diligent dog mom and is real on top of things. Sometimes Inca says “hey give me a turn too!” The pups have also been exposed to water, free time exploring our house (after toileting outside of course) and have been handled by little girl and puppiestons of people and children. So far everything is going to plan and everyone is doing well. Several of the pups have homes lined up and their future owners are coming out on a regular basis to spend time with them.

We have a policy that we get to choose which pups go where. Back in the day I used to let people choose their own pups, but now that I’m some 20 years wiser. I like to evaluate the new owners needs and temperament and then match a pup to them. It used to be everybody got to pick their own pup, but then 2 years later the pet people had too much dog, and the Law Enforcement guy did not have enough dog! My advice is the breeder should know their dogs and pups so let them do what they know how to do and help you make the right choices.

Rottweiler puppies


 Wow time is passing fast. We have gone from fighting for survival and the ability to do just about nothing except right themselves, seek warmth, and suckle. The new born puppy is basically helpless and relies on mom for everything. Now just 4 weeks later they can see, hear and smell. They are eating soft solid food and drinking water, and They are exploring their immediate environment, and starting to play with each other and establishing their own pecking order. It’s like watching a mini civilization experiment develop before your very eyes. The 4th week is almost like a metamorphous as the pups go through such radical changes. It’s like a moth to a butterfly. Now the fun will start. We are starting our puppy training program. For me as soon as they will eat from our hands and can be lured (follow treats) it’s time to start learning life skills. The environmental games continue with exposing them to new sounds, sights, and smells as well as continuing with textile stuff. I’m very happy to see the prey drive (animalistic behavior to chase and grab) emerging. The pups are starting to chase and bite and they really want to fill their mouths. I’m excited as a dog with good prey drive is much easier to train and work on a higher level than a dog that lacks the instinct. Rottweilers normally are not a big prey breed like say a Labrador Retriever or Belgian Malinois. We intentionally look for and breed Rottweilers with this strong instinctual behavior.

Here are some head shots of the pups at 4 weeks of age.

Rottweiler puppy Rottweiler puppy Rottweiler puppy
Black Male Red Male Yellow Male
Rottweiler puppy Rottweiler puppy Rottweiler puppy
Blue Male Green Female Purple Female
Rottweiler puppy Rottweiler puppy
Orange Female Pink Female
Well there are the mug shots of the K litter. We follow the European style of labeling each litter to correspond with the alphabet. So you know by the pups name which litter we are talking about when referring to prior litters. Also you can to an extent know how many litters a breeder has had by what letter of the alphabet they are on. Unless that is they have been all the way thought the alphabet. Then the labeling system starts over from A once again. So dogs from the “A litter Fields Haus” will all have names that start with “A” (Asko, Anja ect) while dogs from the “E litter Fields Haus” will have names that start with E (Echo, Emerald, Eureka, ect………). It helps us stay organized. So when you buy a puppy from us it is required that the puppies registered name starts with the corresponding letter of the alphabet that matches the litter. So this is our K litter, and from that you know it’s our 11th litter and that your pups registered name must start with a “K”. You can call your puppy whatever you want, but on the paper work it must be a K name. It’s a fairly common practice; other breeders may do other things. It’s not uncommon for American show Line breeders to theme litters. For-instance it may be a Snow White themed litter, so every puppy would be named after a character from the movie. It keeps things interesting. We prefer the German system of using the alphabet, but I do worry about us eventually getting to the X or Z litter. Names may prove difficult! “K” gives us plenty of good options!
Rottweiler puppy rottweiler puppy
Rottweiler puppy

Week 4 so far has been about toys……


More baby time…………………..

little girl and puppy
And Baked Beans! (without onions of course)
Rottweiler puppies Rottweiler puppies

Baked beans you say? We believe in exposing our pups to a wide diversity of foods. Like a human baby we only expose to one new source at a time so we can see if someone reacts to it and we are very aware of food sources that are poisonous to dogs. It is our belief that it helps them to become well rounded and it makes us feel good too! 

Recently there has been a huge move in the industry to feed Raw or what is also called Barf diets. This is a diet that consists of all natural food sources. Whole chicken, vegetables, ect. I find it interesting and one has to question how safe is your store bought dog food? When I first heard about the Raw Diets I thought it was just a California thing, but then while training dogs on the East Coast I found it was popular there also. I think it is part of a growing movement and something we will be seeing much more of in the future.

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