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Approximate Annual Dog Care Cost:

What costs First year puppies Each succeeding year
Food 400.00 400.00
Rabies inoculation/parvo shots 60.00 20.00
Worming 25.00 10.00
Spay/Neuter (if needed) 140.00 0.00
Heart worm test/preventatives 100.00 100.00
Licensing 15.00 15.00
Training 200.00 and up 150.00 and up
Accessories (leash, collar, ect) 100.00 75.00
Emergency vet care 250.00 250.00
Total (approximately) 1,255.00 970.00
  • Cost will vary depending on charges by individual veterinarians and trainers.

The above costs do not include the purchase price and registration of the dog. Training rates will differ from trainer to trainer and are also based on what kind of training program you enroll in. Our thoughts are get enrolled early. Puppy training should start prior to 16 weeks. The more work you put into your puppy foundation, the better the adult dog will be. We have estimated that the approximate cost of owning a dog for its lifetime will be roughly $12,000.00. Owning a dog is often a wonderful experience (we know we have four house dogs!) However, it requires responsibility and commitment from the owner. Understanding these responsibilities is essential prior to acquiring a dog, and there for should always be a family decision. Research the Rottweiler breed characteristics to ensure that you get a dog that is appropriate to your lifestyle. It is very important to think about whether you are willing to commit the time, effort and expense required for its proper care before you acquire a dog, not after the dog is in your home.

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Welcome to K9 Development.  We are a full service dog training business located in Tracy, California.  We were established in 1989 and have been successfully helping dog owners ever since.   Our primary objective and basic philosophy is to help owners maintain a balanced relationship with their dog. We can help you in every step you take from training your current dog to choosing a new companion.   We can help you train them to be responsible members of their families, and solve the inevitable problems that happen in any relationship.  We use a wide variety of methods and are very good at working with the client’s individual needs.  From Basic Obedience (loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, basic manors, relationship building and problem solving) to Top level Performance ( AKC obedience, Tracking, Schutzhund, and Conformation) or Working Dogs ( Police K9s, Personal Protection, Search and Rescue, Service Dogs, and Hunting Dogs).  We have been established in the industry of dog training for the better part of 25 years so If We cannot do it then odds are we are in contact with someone who can.  K9 Development offers a wide selection of canine related services from Professional Pet boarding to K9 Swim Lessons.  If you have a want let K9 Development help show you the way.
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